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Turn prospects into leads with a landing page that converts like crazy

Tired of running ads that yield no results? Lead gen running a little dry? Send your conversions through the roof with a landing page built to turn browsers into buyers quicker than they can close the tab.

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The proof is in the pudding
In the last 2 years, we’ve helped brands grow to a combined 1.2B valuation, raise $192M in investment and boost their conversion rates by up to 40%.
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Have a look under the hood of a few of the most successful designs I’ve worked on, from a game-changing Web3.0 platform to a tree-planting bank card.

“Stian absolutely knocked our new site out of the park. He took our early ideas, ran with them and gave us a super cool new website with great messaging, eye-catching design and  branding that really makes us stand out. We can’t say enough good things.”

Stian absolutely knocked our new site out of the park.

He took our early ideas, ran with them and gave us a super cool new website with great messaging, eye-catching design and  branding that really makes us stand out. We can’t say enough good things.

Wes Hather and Gordon Hempton
Co-Founders at Spot and Outreach.io

Get a landing page that converts like crazy

Token Sales
Helped WM raise $39 million in early token sales through branding, web and product design.
Onboarding Increase
Increased the mobile app onboarding from 1.1% to 22.5%.
Rehab Application
Treecard achieved 28K signups in 24 hours and went on to build  a waiting list of 140,000 people.
Re-branded, and created the marketing website, went on to reach a $1B Valuation 6 mo. later.
Series A Funding
Created the brand, marketing and product design & deck. Went on to-raise 10.5M in their series A.

Get a page designed on data, not vibes

Nice-looking designs aren’t enough. That’s why we build designs based on the latest data on how people actually browse.

Drive traffic to a page that converts

You don’t need an online billboard. You need a site designed to drive people to take action and become paying customers.

Grow your brand and convert leads

Combining the long-term goals of brand-building with the short-term conversion, Contrast sites are designed to be timeless.

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Turn browsers into buyers for just $3,800.

Need a new, brand-building, conversion-ready website in a hurry? I’ve helped the likes of Facebook, Adobe, Berkshire Hathaway, Discord, and Merck and I’d love to help you too.

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Hey! 👋 I’m Stian, Founder of Contrast.
Building high conversion websites is my bread and butter.

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Got questions? We got answers

Is a week really enough time to design a website?

For most agencies? No. They have drawn-out processes, internal politics and too many cooks. (We know, we’ve worked there.)

For us? Absolutely. We’ve built 100+ websites in the last few years for some pretty big-name clients. That’s because copy, messaging, design and branding all happen simultaneously. That speeds things up significantly and gets a significantly better end result.

Making a website is a little like making a cake. You can get as creative with the decoration and flavors as you want, but ultimately the recipe needs to work otherwise, you’ll end up with a dry-as-heck cake.

That’s what we avoid. We use best practices, Jakob’s Law (AKA, a customer spends most of their time on other sites, so you need to mimic the patterns and flows they’re familiar with) and a healthy pinch of 20+ years of experience doing this to create killer websites, fast.

Do you do development?

Sure do. We have an absolute legend of a Webflow developer we work with on projects. If you need your website devving out at the end, it’s an additional $6K and a week added to the timeline.

Can we make amends and give feedback?

100%. There are two rounds of amends and feedback included in every project for things like changing copy, tweaking the layout, etc… so you get a website you’re 100% happy with in a week.

What’s the process? 

The process is pretty simple. One day one of the project, we’ll jump on a call with you to discuss your project, agree a sitemap, and put together some initial ideas, vibes, wireframes, etc…

Then, we’ll get to work executing on those ideas and building you a 🔥 website.

On day seven, you’ll get a Figma link and a Loom video talking you through your new website. You can review it, leave comments or set up a call and we’ll make all the tweaks you need so you’re 100% happy with the result.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Designing a website in a week requires a significant amount of work. Because of this, we don’t offer refunds for our website design package, but we will work until you’re completely happy with it.

Turn leads into paying customers